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Listing for SZASHA


City: LA, California



Luxury Femdom/Findom Mistress My life is completely enveloped by asserting My Dominance and Intelligence everywhere I go. I have never needed a man, as I make a more than suitable living for Myself. As a career Woman, I pride myself on the ability to afford Myself whatever pleasures I desire without needing a handout from a gentleman. Vehicles, Diamonds, Purses, Shoes etc... I can purchase of of these things for My DAMN self. However, perhaps because of this, I have always found that men are drawn to me. An insatiable desire to catch what they do not completely comprehend. I'm NOT a damsel in distress... This baffles many, to be quite honest. You may feel that I am unapproachable, however be assured this is not the case. On the contrary, actually. However, you will quickly find that I am uninterested in anything except your most polite behavior. Also, always remember that I will take a lack of follow through as a direct insult. When it comes to those matters I am most interested in you will find I am extremely passionate. When it comes down to it, financial domination is not only an outlet for artistic expression and a release, but a means to further enjoy My rich, luxe lifestyle on my terms. I pride Myself on being a women of mystery, and of much depth of perception and intellect. You pay for an opportunity to be worked and teased or many times- quite simply humiliated by me. Becoming a pay piggy or moneyslave for Me is a great honor and as such I expect you to please me with both hands deep in your wallet and a smile on your face I drain you. Offer yourself to Me and I shall actualise your submissive fantasies. Be warned: I will not tolerate any indiscipline whatsoever. I expect absolute obedience from the moment you cross My threshold. My rules. No excuses.

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