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Listing for Madame Strangelove

Madame Strangelove

City: Brisbane, Australia



Visit for more info and photos Mistress Mindfuck strangelove.... Topping now. CBT/Edge play/soft-hardcore impact play/role play/bondage/forced feminisation...the list goes on. I am Madame Strangelove. I have just moved to town and am available for sessions. I delight in the calculating practice of domination. True topping is transcendental, it pushes the boundaries of the mind, the body, the ego and the eros. I enjoy pushing my slaves to these boundaries, and watching them reach new heights of kinky perfection from their place at my feet. I feel as though I have been kinky since childhood. I grew up riding and training horses and dogs, and so I adore puppies. Entering the kink scene in my late teens, and the Pro domme scene in my early 20s has certainly ensured that the development of my Domina persona has had ample time to truly ignite. Combining this with my past employment history of educator and dog trainer ensures that I am highly proficient at enforcing discipline. For me, being kinky is as much - if not more - about the body’s sexiest, filthiest organ than it is about the flesh, which is easy to manipulate. I am of course talking about the brain. That which can be done to the body by the correct balance of torture, pleasure and programming is far more immense, delicious and transcendent than a simple smack on the derriere. Although, both tools have their uses. If you are interested in booking a session, please do not hesitate to send me a message. Spank soon underlings, Mme L Strangelove.

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